If I’m going to advertise on any other website, I will examine their 2 thing. One is the page rank of that website and second one Alexa. Now here I’ll discuss some guidelines to enhance or to improve the Alexa rank of your website. When I began Techvela, its Alexa rank was round about 900k and now it is around 74,000 just in 3 months (changing day by day). And most of the credit is goes to you people by visiting and commenting on Techvela. Thank You!
The aim of every new blogger when he started a blog is to reduce the Alexa rank of their blog, and same was in mine case, so after focusing and hardworking Softwares4pk is now around 1000k.

So here I would like to share some of the main important step by adopting which you can easily reduce your blog Alexa rank. But before jumping to that I would also like to give you people a short brief regarding Alexa that why Alexa is important for a blog.

Why Alexa?

Advertiser, webmasters and ad network use your website Alexa rank to check or figure out the value of a link on your site. Advertisers and other people contact you after seeing/checking your blog’s position. I experienced these thing in my 3 month of blogging and examine some other blogs too, Even BuySellAds (BSA) grants only if you have a good Alexa Rank.

Tips To Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank:
Install Alexa Toolbar

Install the Alexa toolbar on your web browser and set your blog as a homepage, also ask your friends, visitors to install the toolbar on their web browser.

Download Alexa Toolbar for your browser

Claim your website:

To get complete control over your website. Claim your website on Alexa.com. This will help others to know who own blog and allows you in position better on The Alexa.

Use Alexa widget:

The 3rd simplest way to enhance your web page position is to keep The Alexa widget, with the help of this widget you would see that your web page position is enhancing in only few time.


The Alexa rank automatically improves if you update your website frequently with good contents. So update your website daily for a better Alexa position.

Write a review about Alexa

A Review about The Alexa is another way to enhance you’re Alexa position, you have to write a sincere review about The Alexa and link back to Alexa.com.

Ask Your Visitors and blogger friends To Review at Alexa

There is a review option for websites on Alexa where readers and bloggers can post a review about your website, so ask readers, friends and bloggers to write a review about your website.

You can also review Techvela on Alexa, here is the link

Since you can use your Facebook profile to sign in, you do not need to register. This is again an excellent way to improve your profile as well as your website Alexa rank.

Leaving comments and back linking:

Comment on other weblogs which are under the same niche blog and Technology with excellent visitors and backlink to your website. In this way build more links from blogs with excellent visitors because inbound links are essential as you might have observed that the Alexa even calculate the number of backlinks you have.

So these are some of the basic tips through which you can easily improve your blog ranking in Alexa.Though still there are many people who don’t believe on Alexa, but simply I will say that Alexa is still ruling in the blogosphere.
If you know any other tips. Please post that below in the comment section.
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