Softwares4pk provides an updated version of Norton 360 2013 Norton 360 provides all-in-one protection that keeps you, your family, your PC, and your information secure. This comprehensive solutioncombines Symantec’s proven, industry-leading security and PC tune-up technologies with new automated backup and antiphishing features, providing a full circle of protection. Norton 360™ offers proven performance, delivering today’s fastest and lightest all-in-one solution for protecting your PC and all your online activities. It protects against viruses, worms, hackers, and botnets, safeguards against online identity theft, protectsimportant files, and keeps your PC tuned and running at peak performance. Completely automated and easy to use, Norton 360 works quietly in the background, with virtually no impact on PC performance, to provide comprehensive protection for everything computer users care about. By offering an unmatched combination of performance and protection, it helps you get the most out of your PC and your online experience.

Norton 360 delivers these benefits without sacrificing PC performance, and provides peace of mind through a non-intrusive, reassuring user experience that automatically handles issues in the background. Delivered as an annual subscription for up to 3 PCs, Norton 360 automaticallyinstalls both definition updates and product upgrades, protecting you from the latest threats via the world’s largest Internet security network.


• Insight – Instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crimeware fast for industry-leading online threat detection.

• PC tuneup – frees up memory so applications start up and run faster, and removes unnecessary files to improve hard drive performance.

• Automated backup – securely and automatically backs up your photos, videos, music, financial documents, and other important files.

• Norton Safe Web Social Media Scanner – lets you check your Facebook Wall and News Feed for bad links and other threats from your NortonControl Center.

• Proactive Performance Alerts – let you know when an application is slowing down your PC so you can make changes to improve performance.

• Parental controls management – provides the latest updates on your kids’ online activity from your Norton Control Center, so you can help keep them safe from online dangers.

• Online recovery and restore – lets you quickly and easily download, view, edit, and share files you backed up online, anytime, anywhere, to any computer through a password-protected website only you can access.

• Norton Safe Web – warns you of unsafe or fake websites right in your search results and automatically blocks them.

• SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection – monitors your PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new attacks and other crimeware.

Supported OS : Windows 8 / Windows 7 / XP / XP Pro / Vista


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